Monday, April 11, 2011

The Many Faces of Sami #2

So, Sami set up shop on the love seat with various cushions, pillows, and blankets and Tara proceeded to snap some pictures of her.  Here's how it turned out:

And of course, I have to put a few shots up of Lily.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Little Ones

A few random shots of my little ladies.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Sunbeep

Jesus wants for me...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Quilt Sandwiches and Blackberries

I just sat down to add a new post with no idea what was going to come out of my brain...well, there isn't much right now, but maybe if I scrape into the cobwebbed recesses of my processor...

-I could probably give you at least a hundred reasons to NOT live in an apartment, among which would be: three year old+no room to play=VERY unhappy downstairs neighbors who resort to tactics that said three year old uses in moments of frustration/excitement/anxiety/tiredness, stuff sitting everywhere/still packed in boxes due to a downgrade of 200 square feet + no garage, annoyingly small amount of counter in kitchen, nasty carpet that has shown its true stained character with each vaccuuming...anyway, you get the idea.
-I have come up with ONE thing that is easier about living in an apartment. I can clean my entire living space in the time it takes Sami to watch Mulan (or whatever movie she is in the mood to be watching, which does NOT include A Bug's Life, The Curse of the Wererabbit, or Ratatouille). I'll keep working on this list.
-As I type, I see the effects of only typing on a Blackberry. I have to backspace often so that I use proper capitalization/punctuation. Can I say SAD? Or maybe a more appropriate adjective would be PATHETIC! Because I am. Because I love my Blackberry. But I hate it. But it is my lifeline to the outside world. So I can't NOT have it. You'll see. Once you have it, there is no. going. back. ever.
-This is how pathetic I actually am: I just had to get up from the computer to check my phone because I got an email notification on my phone.
-I have had a few sewing adventures lately. One, Zach so kindly showcased for me, was a quilt. It was my first project. It was fun, but I learned some things. You need to cut your batting BEFORE you assemble your "quilt sandwich." This term is AWE.SOME. I had never heard it before, but once I learned it was an actual term, I KNEW that sewing was the thing for me. I mean, anything that has a term like "quilt sandwich" has to be a sweet hobby.
-Also, you should search for more than ONE fabric store in case the one you pick is LAME-o. Then, you will just kick yourself in the patoot because you bought (and already cut) your fabric at a lame store with no selection when you could have been in fabric heaven at a new, clean, huge, ginormous, nice, clean fabric store where you could happily spend all day picking out fabric for ten different quilts.
-Anyway, I have recycled two pairs of jeans essentially three times. My two favorite pairs of jeans turned into shorts (cut-offs) when the knees gave up. Then, after an entire Vegas summer (7 months long), there were holes by the back pockets. Out of this, came two skirts. One for Sami, one for me. (Pictures to follow...maybe???)
-Lesson learned from skirt projects: make a plan before you are almost finished so you don't have to steal elastic from your husband's sewing project which was actually his Christmas present because he said he wanted to make it himself but then it just sits on your dresser mostly finished with the elastic sitting there calling to you.
-On a final note, I am thoroughly enjoying my 60 degree winter. No driving in snow. Ever. No getting stuck in my own driveway. No staying home just to avoid driving in the snow.
-I still love Utah though, where I experienced college, sleep deprivation from college, engagement, sleep deprivation due to engagement and The Newlywed stage (isn't it TECHNICALLY years 1-5?). And of course, I will always miss Oregon where it is green. And there are trees. And it is green. And there is ocean. And rivers. And green.
-Come to Vegas. Visit me. Well, maybe wait until I'm not in this blasted apartment because it will be no fun for you. And maybe you shouldn't come when it is 150 degrees. Oh, it probably wouldn't be any fun for you anyway...who am I kidding? The first step is admitting, I suppose. That will make it easier to deal when none of you come visit me in my tiny apartment with a crazy three year old and the sweetest nine month old on the face of the planet. Maybe the nine month old is in my favor...Pretty please? With a cherry on top?